Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Hello everyone! I am back and this (picture above) is the one of my most formal picture so far. I took time to fix my hair using Bench/ Fix Clay Doh.

I saw this bow tie at my drawer the other day while cleaning up my room. I think it still looks good!

I love blowing bubbles! I used to remember my childhood when we use Santan flowers. We crush it and mix it with water to make a natural bubble or sometimes add detergent powder to make more bubbles!

This button down shirt was from Boysquad at SM department store. Well, as you noticed it was kind a big for me because I have it for a long time and I lose some weight.

Those shoes were from Topman, I bought it a long time ago, actually it was my school shoes but unfortunately I was ask by the school security to change it to leather shoes.

I am missing Manila. I bought this Bench/ Chinos at Isettan Mall during our review days. It is also available in Tan and Black!


  1. Wow! New lay out. :) This is better, mas clean. :) Gusto ko rin mag try ng bubbles effect in my future blog post. Hihi


    1. thank you. :)) ang fail nga ng bubbles! try mo din! nagaantay ako ng posts mo!