Tuesday, 28 August 2012


We all do want to achieve a flawless skin like the celebrities we see on televisions. But sad to say, they all use cosmetics/enhancements to make their face look perfect.
There are tons of cosmetics available all over the Philippines and in the world! But did you know that there is make-up for men? YES. Men need enhancements too. I personally use the basics for special occasions. So today, I will give you tips on how to get your face look good and how to maintain a youthful skin!

REST. It is important for us to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep! But kill those people who sleep more than 8 hours! They were so lucky! 


HYDRATE. I personally love to drink water almost more than 1200ml per day! It keeps your skin hydrated and your stomach full!
MOISTURIZE. I use Nivea moisturizing cream for my face before applying make-up and Vaseline Men Face Scrub every day. It is important to wash your face before sleeping so that dirt and pollution wash off!

CONCEALER. Let’s face it, I don’t have perfect skin! I have pimples sometimes and this is my best friend! Concealer depends on your skin colour. Now, I am using L.A Girls Pro HD Concealer and Nichido Beige Concealer. I like those shades that were darker than me because it will look more natural! You can use Foundation for a smooth finish, but I don’t use it a lot because if you put too much, you will look like a wedding cake! LOL.
LIP BALM. I have pale lips, so I really do use lip balms with colour! I am now using Maybelline color & shine Cranberry and Watsons Elmo Strawberry Lip balm (no color). It is important to moisturize your lips because cracked lips are really painful!

BRONZER. The one that I am using now is the Victoria’s Secret Mosaic bronzer. I love to use this because it will blend the concealer to your skin tone and it will look more natural. But be careful using this, too much bronzer will give your face sunburnt look!

BE HAPPY. Don't get stress get in you way! Just laugh all you can! :-)

The photo above (uhum!) it has no edit at all! I just used all the said above, except for the lip balm, because I forgot where I put it! LOL! See you next time! DMB.


  1. I like this! <3 Great idea!! What I like the most is the last tip "BE HAPPY". I know you and Alex laugh all the time just like me. Sarap sarap kaya tumawa di ba!! :)

    xx Diana

    1. Sinabi mo pa! :-)))) ang light ng buhay natin e! <3

  2. Wow love the tips !

    Your skin looks perfect xx


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