Saturday, 22 September 2012

Did you say, YSL?

We're hitting the last week of September! I feel so expensive today because I am wearing my Do-it-yourself YSL shirt! Yes people, I made it myself! Arts and Crafts are the most fun thing to do in this world for me. I had no effort doing my hair today because this is what I look like on ordinary days and I put Hermes Paprika Brasil Hermessense Collection perfume today (as if you can smell me!) but it smells like a business man! LOL.I really have a 'thing' for perfumes :-)

 So, how do I do it? well, I saw a blog before and she really nailed the DIY Chanel Shirt! so I followed what she'd done. First thing to do is you have to have the following: Acrylic paintPaint brush (hard tip), Sharpie MarkerPrinted Logo (of your choice), Old newspapers (so that you can't get messy), Tape (to hold your logo onto your shirt) 
My apologies for not documenting the procedure because I got too excited making this shirt! :-/

But what's important is to have fun with your creation! It don't have to be perfect and expensive, it should be cool and cheap! DMB. 

Plain White Shirt, FILA
Plaid Blazer, Miller's
Classic Jeans, Folded and Hung
Plum Studded Watch, Relic
Amethyst Ring, Sister's Closet
 Paprika Brasil, Hermes