Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Hi guys, Let me share my past time, Sketching. Ever since I learnt how to hold a pencil, I never stop drawing what I see, I may not have the best hand-eye coordination but I have an Idea of what it is gonna be like.

When I graduated High School, they asked me what course will I take in College. I answered them "I don't want to study, I'm so Lazy" but at the back of my mind I want to be in a Fashion school where I can master the art of dressmaking/interior/exterior designing. But you know we are not a Class A family, So we chose the more practical course that can lift us from our situation, Nursing. I kinda love it I got the chance of taking care of people and improving my self growth. 

Now, I have the best of both worlds! I can draw and I can serve my countrymen :-) 


  1. Naiyak naman ako sa sinabi mo Nico. Because I can relate! I still wanna study in Fashion & Art School actually, until now. You're great in sketching btw, what did you use in here. I hope I ca do that too.

    xx Diana

    1. Yana! hahaha Mag schooleta kana! kayang kaya mo yan no, magiipon muna ako ng pangpaaral ko :-) yung M&G na Sign pen lang ginamit ko pati crayloa (sa skin)