Tuesday, 18 December 2012



Okay I am now confused with what hair should I wear for next year. Now I've search the web for the 'best' hair! So here's what I found:

Choppy Layered Hair

With this hair length, You can do more hair styles! This is very flexible and very convenient. Well, we have the same length and I am just thinking, should I keep it?

Bold Cut

It is the same as the first one, but this fits during the formal events especially this season and very sleek it is!

Bob Cut

If you are very experimental and very fashion forward, then this cut will fit you this 2013!

The Quiff

Well, this hair is not so new in our society, most men wears this today! Very Sleek, and very fashionable indeed! 

The Faux

Recommended for guys who don't put a lot of effort on your dressing up! It gives you a grungy look.

The Peak

It is shorter than the 'Faux" which gives you a more clean/grungy look!

Clean Cut

I love to have this hair soon! very clean, very fresh and fashionable!

The Short

It is close to bald but I love to have this one too like Drake, I think I should earn some confidence to this one! 

So, Have you found what you want for 2013? Let's prep up! 

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  1. I have tried the bob once or so before. Hehehe. Everyone in our workplace keeps calling me "KOREANO". :)
    I have the choppy-layered hair now because I had Rihanna's shaved sides before it.