Saturday, 16 February 2013


It's Sunday, and this is the only free time of my Niece and all the neighbours around (I can't see them on our street every weekend!) So I grab the opportunity to act!

Let me share something 'Magical', it is called Layering. Many of us has a problem with our tummies and this is one trick you can do to hide the imperfection. by wearing a perfect fit tank top or shirt and top it with flattering vest / jacket / button downs it will surely gives an illusion (like the second photo)

I would like you to notice my hair! I put an effort in fixing it before I have a hair cut, um, something 'Summery' - Clean, Short and Easy to Style.

I am wearing Fruit of the Loom Gray top and Levi's White Button down, Opia Sunnies, Terranova Street Project Pants (in Black) and Nike SB Janoski Venom.

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