Friday, 6 April 2012

4th Sampaguita Interlude

Sampaguita Interlude is the University's tradition where Senior and Juniors form different Colleges come together in this prestigious event. It was like a Junior-Senior Promenade, where the College Valedictorians give symbols of responsibility, culture and tradition to the upcoming Seniors which was represented by the Philippine's National flower, Sampaguita.The students performed the classical Filipino songs El Colar De Sampaguita (The Sampaguita Necklace), Sampaguitang Mabango (The Fragrant Sampaguita). This was headed by the Physical Education Professor Ms. Annabelle Balon. This was the 4th Interlude at Centro Escolar University Makati.

Sampaguita was chosen to be the heart of the ceremony because it is considered as a symbol of divin hope, like a genuine Escolarian who has imbibed the University's twin philosophy, Ciencia y Virtud (Science and Virtue).

(Don Bosco Chursh, Makati City Credits to: Alex)

April 3, 2011 was our Baccalaureate Mass and Sampaguita Interlude. This is once in a lifetime experience so, I think everyone came! :)

 (Top,Left-Right:Mitch,Anika,Kristel,Alex,Donnico;Bottom,Left-Right: FJ,Arriane,Pau,Raf)

(With my BFF, Alex!)

After the mass, we went straight to Don Bosco Quadrangle for the Interlude.

(Don Bosco Quadrangle)

It was a fun activity! This is one of the highlights of our Senior year!

(Credits to: Pauleen Jambora)


I will surely miss this! especially the people who made this possible! :)

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