Saturday, 7 April 2012


After the University's activity (which is the Sampaguita Interlude), My friends and I went out for dinner. It was planned few days before and we've decided to go to YakiMIX at Greenbelt 3, Makati City. It's my first time to go to an Eat-All-You-Can Restaurant.

(From Left: Jhay Are,Mitch,Anika,Me,Jay,Mikko)

 When we were waiting outside, we had a lot of talk about our plans this Holy week and after Graduation.

Ooooppss! Vanity Pose! :)

When we were on the Entrance, I said to my mind that "It  looks small." but I was wrong. The place was big and the lighting was nice, I love the ambiance. I was shocked when the customers are rushing in line as if we are on the Hunger Game. ;-)

It's cool, we have a stove on the table! 
(I'm sorry, like what I've said earlier this is my first time!)

For the 1st round, we've tried something Cantonese! It was all good. My favorite in this plate is the toasted bread with melted cheese and the meatballs are awesome! ;-)

Something Korean! I enjoyed frying :)

All the sweetness in the world! I really love these, but unfortunately, I am already full!

 Thumbs up for Jhay Are! 

BFFs goofing around! She so love this place because her stomach is a Monster! :-))

The price is a little bit high (for me) but the food and services, It's a thumbs up! We will do this again soon! :)

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