Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Remembering Childhood

Yesterday, my Family started to pack out things because we were moving south (particularly at Imus, Cavite). Too many boxes were opened and too many clothes full of memories are inside the boxes.

 When I went upstairs, I saw my Nephew Troy playing my old toys.

Actually this was only a small part of my toys. I have 2 big boxes full of toys. These was the only ones left in our current house.

This was my FIRST LEGO when I was still 4 years old. It has a house (but I don't know where it is) and a tree. He's now 17 years old! 

Remember this? It was the Bubble set from Jollibee, I had them all! because I love to play and make stories with these guys. :)

The bad guys. I really do love Street Fighter, and Power Rangers!

Space Jam days! :'>

Dream cars. Believe me but I really love Matchbox cars!

My nephew ask me a lot of questions, I find it normal because he is a toddler and like to explore a lot of things, so I tell him all about my toys. 

I am really happy that he had these good toys! :-)

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  1. sir are you selling your jolibee toys? interested to buy