Friday, 12 October 2012



So last night, my friends and I went to Alabang Town Center to catch up with each other.
We are all starving so we decided to eat at Chili's. Actually its my first time to dine here!

We ordered Skillet Queso, Big Mouth Burger Bites, Crispy Chiken Salad and Cajun Chicken Pasta. I was so surprised that their serving it in a big platter!
It was delicious and we went out of the restaurant with a full tummy!

After that we had some coffee, courtesy of the employed Anika. The taste of Ice Blended Coffee is even better (because it was free, LOL!)

All in all it was a night full of laughter! I just missed all of you, until next time! :-)


  1. I've tried all the 3 branches of Chili's except for this branch. Chili's ATC looks so nice. :D One my fave restaus din. Yum yum food! Miss you all guys. I've noticed the hair transformation from you, Alex and Kaye. GRABE lang :D

    xx Diana

    1. Oo nga e, pero medyo mahina ang aircon! we miss you too noh! :-)) oo nga e! si kaye ang dami na tats!