Wednesday, 5 December 2012


I've been checking out lots of TV Series, but this one catches my attention! EMILY OWENS MD is such a relief from all the dramas,violence & immortal love stories we see on our TV screens.

She is not your ordinary Doctor! This is a story of a young Doctor who is an intern in a big hospital realizes that her life is somehow the same as high school. I love Emily Owens' character (played by Mamie Gummer - which is the daughter of Meryl Streep) She is very likable, she is very fresh, light and smart! Well, actually all the characters are very effective! 

This is the lightest Medical Drama on TV (for me) because it seeks ages 18-25 audiences. I have the 'KILIG' factor every time Emily & Will Collins (Played by a Hottie Justin Hartley) have their own moment.

This is not only a love story, it also tackles different diseases/disorders which I like the most because they can mix the seriousness of the disease to the story.

Catch EMILY OWENS MD's Match Airing on ETC every Monday, 9PM (Replays on Thursdays)


  1. Wow! She's the daughter of Meryl Streep pala that's why her face looks so familiar. :) I wanna try to watch it also.

    xx Diana

    1. Oo nga e nakakatuwa to yana watch mo sya :)